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Welcome to Chemvina 2013 (Agrochemical expo.) on 4-7th Dec.2013

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We will attend the Chemvina 2013 (Agrochemical expo.) in HCMC, Vietnam, dated on 4-7th Dec.2013;


Venue: Trung tm Trin lm và Hi ngh Quc t TP HCM- TBECC

Address: 446 Hoàng Vn Th, Q.Tn Bình,TP HCM, Vietnam


At the expo. we will launch a new product- RICE HOLDER 0.0075SL (BRASSINOLIDE 0.0075% SL w/w) in Vietnam market, which is specialized used for rice, fruits and vegetables for increasing yield! The Registration No. with PPD in Vietnam: SDK: 2185/ 13 SRN


Welcome to be our agent in the whole Vietnam market.

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