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Welcome to Agrochemex-Turkey 2014 on 25-26th June 2014

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We will attend the International Agrochemical Exhibition in Turkey & 2nd Eastern Europe Crop Protection Forum in Istanbul Turkey, dated on 25-26th June 2014. Warmly welcome you come to our booth and have a face to face talk at our booth.


Date: 25th – 26th June 2014

Address: Istanbul Turkey

Booth number: No. 066


Some of our strong product:

1.      Soil care and nutrition:

1)      Agri-SC soil conditioner;

2)      Ferti-Ehanceer (Enhance your fertilizer of N, P, K more effective by 20%)


2.      Crop care and nutrition

1)      N-Power (N+P2O5+K2O50% (12-27-11)+TE+Bio stimulant)

2)      K-Power (N+P2O5+K2O50% (6-7-37 )+TE + Bio stimulant)

3)      Bo-Fast (Boron(B)160g/L+Bio Stimulant adjuvant)

4)      Mg-Power (Magnesium Oxide (MgO)10.0% +Bio stimulant)

5)      EDTA Series: EDTA-Mn, EDTA-Zn, EDTA-Fe, EDTA-Mg, EDTA-Mix and etc.

6)      Organosilicone (Save cost, save time, save agrochemicals)

7)      Anti-Drought (Resist drought)

8)      Anti-Cold (Resist coldness)

9)      Anti-Dormancy (Special for grape: break dormancy, increase buds growth)


3.      Botanic pesticides

1)      Matritas (100% organic insecticide, special for controlling aphids, thrip and whitefly)

2)      Marvee (100% organic insecticide, special for killing mites and red spider)

3)      Pyressi (100% organic insecticide, special for controlling cabbage worm)

4)      Kenhoo (100% organic insecticide, Soilborne pest and disease control, especial for killing nematode)

5)      Linjar (100% organic insecticide, special for controlling leafhopper)

6)      Tingsun(100% organic fungicide, special for controlling powdery mildew disease)

7)      Carnavol(100% organic fungicide, special for controlling grey mold disease)

8)      Dati-Allin(100% organic fungicide, special for controlling downy mildew disease)


4.      Plant growth regulators

Natural brassinolide

+ Increase seeds germination and vigor;

+ Increase yield 20% more, promote growth;

+ Resist cold and drought, resist disease;

+ Remove herbicides harmful stress;


We are waiting for your coming and hope we can build business relationship in the near future.

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