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  • Common name: Natural Brassinolide 0.01% SP
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    Classification: Brassinosteroid; Other Name: Brassins, Br, Kayaminori; Source: Extracted From Rape Pollen; Appearance: White to Yellowish Powder
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Chengdu Newsun: Safe and Healthy Crop Protection Solutions
                         -----the only one genuine manufacturer of Natural brassinolide in China since 1985
                                                            ----- the first and largest company specialized in Natural brassinolide series in the world

Natural Brassinolide 0.01% SP
(Promote Growth and High Yield for Crops)
1 What are the Notable Functions of natural brassinolide
1) Seeds treatment: increase seeds germination, improve seeds vigor.
2) Promote growth, increase yield.
3) Promote buds ion, keep flowers, keep fruit setting, promote fruit enlargement.
4) Improve fruit taste, improve good coloring of fruits, good shape.
5) Increasing rice tillering (shooting), increase grain filling and grains weight.
6) Improve the crops' ability of cold resistance and drought resistance.
7) Improve the crops' ability resistance to disease
8) Relieve the chemical harmful stress from herbicides. 

2 Where is natural brassinolide from?
Extracted method for Industrialization the Natural Brassinolide from Rape Pollen(brassic flower pollens)

3 More usage of natural brassinolide
1) Easy to use for farmers
     + Full water soluble and by foliar spraying.
     + Mix together with other products to spray: mix with herbicides, fungicides or insecticides,    
       foliar fertilziers to spray to crops.

2) Using natural brassinolide as a safener: when mix with herbicides, insecticides, fungicdes to spray to crops, it can effect to relieve and reduce the chemicals stress on crops: for example: when you use the chemical herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, there will be a chemical harmful and stress to crops, and the crop will be more weak, and leave will be yellow or changes. So, you can use our natural brassinolide mix with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides to spray on crops, and there will be no chemical harmful and stress, because our natural brassinolide can help crops to growth stronger and relieve the stress.

3) Using natural brassinolide preparation / formulation with Foliar fertilizer
Such as if you have folair fertilizer, trace-element foliar fertilizer, nutrition fertilizer, you can formulate with natural brassinolide, and which will make your fertilizer more stronger and more effective, and different from others fertilizer.  How to make formulation together: you know the natural brassinolide dosage, and the fertilizer dosage, and then you can calculate out the dose to mix together.

4) Using natural brassinolide to seeds treatment, seeds coating. 

4 How to use
1) Cereals: Rice, Wheat, Corn and etc.
    + Seeds soaking: 
4g with 10 L water, Soaking 10kgs seeds for 3-5hours. And then sowing;
    + Seeds dressing
4g with 250ml of seeds dressing chemicals, then mix 10kgs seeds, and then    
 Foliar spraying: 100-150g with 400-500L water to cover one hectare
2) Fruits: Apple, Orange and etc.
100-150g with 400-500L water by spray application
3) Vegetables: Tomato, cucumber, Lettuce and etc.
    + 100-150g with 400-500L water wo cover one hectare
4) Actually, natural brassinolide can use on every crops at every stage
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