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  • Common name: Agri-SC-L soil conditioner
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Newsun Agri-SC- L(Soil conditioner)



Agri-SC- L contains complex source of humic acid, fulvic acid etc., has been developed to used to improve and care soil for all crops.


Benefits of using Agri-SC- L:

Improve soil structure: reduce soil compaction and remove soil hardness;

Drive root stronger: regulate balance of soil factors: moisture-nutrition-air-heat;

Enhance Soil Productivity: Increase soil fertilizer retention, moisture retention;

Enhance fertilizer 25% more efficient: fertilizer uptake by more than 25%;

Reduce the salinity: Stimulate the chelation of excess salts;

Field proven over the last 10 years in china and overseas in vegetables field, fruits field, and trufgrass land: soil improved; root grow well; yield increased.


How Agri-SC- L works:  

Newsun Agri-SC- L is a high-tech of soil conditioner for improving the physical condition of soil, increasing fertilizer retention, reducing salinity to improve soil quality and productivity.

+ Improve soil factors balance: regulate soil moistures-nutrition-air-heat to reach into the suitable balance, and reduce and remove the soil compact and hardness.

+ Reduce soil salinity: stimulate the chelation of excess salts in soil, and then limit the effects of soil salinity.

+ Create a healthy soil environment for ME microbes and enhance retention of fertilization, to increase soil productivity to drive root grow well, and then increase the yield and save the soil fertilizer using.


How to use:

Application way: only by soil application, non foliar application.

+ Apply by flood irrigation: 3-5Liters/Ha., tank mix compatible with the soil fertilizers;

+ Apply by dripping irrigation, 3-5Liters/Ha. compatible with NPK or nutrition fertilizer;

+ Apply by spray on soil surface. 3-5Liters with 200Liter/Ha, Mix compatible with fertilizer.

+ Pls keep the soil wet, also before or after application, you better irrigation the field.

1-2 applications per year,



1. Store at room temperature.

2. Keep out reach of children to avoid mistake feed. If swallowed or contact eyes, flush with clean water and obtain medical advice if necessary.



Avoid overheating and light shine.

Store in dry and shadow place.

Shelf life: 2 years.


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