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(Biological Bacterial Fertilizer)


Viable count 0.5 billion/ gram

Organic matter 40%


Benefit of EMFERTI

1.      Contains more than 10 kinds of beneficial microorganism;

2.      The beneficial microorganism can easily survival in soil;

3.      Organic matter is more than 40%;

4.      Save the use amount of conventional bacterial fertilizers 50% more;

5.      Improve the fruits taste, more sweet;

6.      Improve soil quality & productivity;


How EMFERTI works:

1.      Use the earthworm metabolin as the raw material, contains more than 10 kinds of beneficial microorganism;

2.      Contains more than 18 kinds of amino acid and other 20 kinds of nutrition. Promote the growth of crops, improve soil water retention;

3.      The Beneficial microorganism can survival in the PH 4.5-8.5, survival rate is much higher than conventional bacterial fertilizers

4.      The viable count is more than 0.5 billion/ gram, also can stimulate other soil EM growing;

5.      Complex botanic extract, control soil diseases;


How to use:

Application way: Apply with flood irrigation, with drip irrigation;

Dosage: 60-120kgs/hectare

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